Quicksmart Sustainability

Sustainibility AwardAt Quicksmart homes we are proud to have developed a sustainable product that is totally reusable. The buildings, in effect, can be taken down in the future and reused on another site. They are recyclable buildings.

Quicksmart modules are designed intelligently with thermal efficiency as an integral feature of every module. This reduces the energy needed to heat or cool living spaces and in turn lowers the lifecycle costs of the building.

We also try to design standardisation into all elements of the product in order to reduce waste and packaging - and clients' costs too. Typically the packaging and cutting waste generated on site from a Quicksmart building during construction is a tiny fraction of that produced of a comparable building built traditionally.

Quicksmart Homes were award the ACT's Sustainable Cities Award for Commercial Buildings in 2010 for the ANU's Laurus Wing student accommodation blocks. The design incorporated increase thermal performance as part of Quicksmart's products and also improved window design to reduce acoustic transfer.


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