Hospitals & Care Homes

Quicksmart Homes provides hospital and care rooms...

Quicksmart Homes are the first modular provider in Australia to be able to manufacture, deliver and erect medical grade, fully operational care rooms.

Rooms can be fully client specified and fitted with all necessary equipment and fittings prior to delivery and can include infection reduction floor and wall tiles in bathrooms and wet areas.

We can even put the beds in for you if you like.


We will save your organisation time and money.

Reducing the cost of aged and health care developments will mean sites that were locked out due to high development costs can now be reviewed for action.

Quicksmart Homes leads the industry in innovative and customer focused products and will continue to provide a better place to live for everyone.

Quicksmart Homes can provide your specification, your performance brief with your contractor and your design team. We provide a full design service and free budget pricing.

Quicksmart Homes is partnered with major contractors with experience in health and aged care and can provide a turn key solution from design concept through to occupation.

If you have the drive to push change and innovation we will save you time and money with a quality product that is better than traditional construction.

Design, production, finishes, sustainability - all better than traditional construction.

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