Lake Macquarie Private Hospital

Quicksmart Homes deliver Australia's first fully modular permanent hospital in record time.

Ramsay Healthcare asked Quicksmart Homes to provide the offsite delivery of their private hospital extension in Lake Macquarie, NSW, as they needed a facility that could be delivered much faster than conventional building programmes, and would also be quality built without the cost of traditional construction.

QSH designed the 16 hospital modules to suit both the current Ramsay standard and the adjoining hospital's specific needs for joinery and fittings.

The modules are the first of their kind and developed to be lighter and more versatile than large scale steel modular units. The modules use Quicksmart's patented ectoskeletal transportation equipment, which reduces weight and decreases handling times at transit points. The design allows the modules to be longer and wider, and are stackable to over 10 storeys.

The hospital project proved that the use of high-strength steel modules with medical grade fit outs deliver outstanding value to the customer by reducing cost by over 20% and, more importantly, for the hospitals, reducing onsite time and disruption by a substantial amount. The project has reduced the onsite disruption period to under 6 months - a saving of nearly 5 months over traditional construction.