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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Pop up container stores...

We've been busy the last couple of months putting together another hospital and also putting the finishing touches to our revolutionary housing solution. Come back to the site in a couple of weeks and we'll put up some photos of our latest offerings.

In the mean time we at Quicksmart Homes like to keep ahead of the curve in the general modular industry and also elements that we use and can see will bring advantages to what we do.

Our team visits innovative suppliers, trade shows and talk to other designers and creatives to ensure they're always keeping in tune with the market. We even read the occational book.

In terms of markets there is a lot of action in the pop-up container store design and implementation and whilst it's not really our bag we've been persuaded to design one for a certain big name high street chain. We had a couple of spare units in storage that we use for mock ups and when one of them was being scheduled for termination our friends suggested we might put it to a good and socially responsible use.

Having huge experience in complex container based modular buildings Quicksmart get asked a lot to provide pop up container stores but normally the one off market is not our bag.

This one appealed to our inner creativeness and it was an opporunity to recycle one of our elderly units into the wild - re-skilled and re-tooled!

We've seen some pretty cool ideas from around the world too. There are some fantastic designs and applications out there with some beautiful applications.

We've also been working hard on making our products more energy efficient and more environmental so www.inhabitat.com has been on our bookmarks every day for new inspiration. Have a look.

Coming soon - more hospitals, low cost housing and that pop-up container store.