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Modular Housing and Container Housing

Student Accommodation

Quicksmart Homes' container housing modular project at the ANU in Canberra showed the world what can be done with innovative thinking and good interior design.

Quicksmart Homes designed, manufactured and delivered all the modules offshore with their unique production management system and then supervised the installation, integration and hand over of the modules as part of the whole building.

The modules were all specially manufactured by Quicksmart rather than the assumed method of refurbishing and adapting old shipping equipment. These have been much copied in the past 18 months but without Quicksmart's management and delivery methods there have been no successful conclusions.

Quicksmart Homes' ANU project also won the Sustainable Cities Award for commercial buildings which highlighted the excellent environmental potential for the Quicksmart product. By using the highest quality windows, high quality and compliant insulation and energy saving devices the modules can also be totally recycled.

The container housing model is still applicable in many areas and Quicksmart are still at the forefront of modular technology. Quicksmart's modular housing products as well as specialist designs for hotels and hospitals are all both cheaper and faster. High quality is the required standard in any building and Quicksmart's products are the highest possible.

Modular buildings can come in all shapes and sizes but unless they are cheaper and faster than conventional construction - and as good or better quality - there is no market in main stream development.

Quicksmart Homes provides products and buildings that are faster, cheaper and better quality than conventional construction and lead the technology in Australia and the rest of the world.