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Dead as a Donger

Industrial & Resources

Mining accommodation, or any worker housing for that matter, doesn't have to be as bad as it looks. The donger is a long serving incumbent of the Australian resources heritage. But with resources workers now touting rock star salaries and competition for their services hotting up the accommodation mine sites offer is now becoming a major source of potential negotiation.

There are some nice offers out there. From fully serviced resort sites to the new trend in housing and village environments the market is starting to turn. But the bottom line will always rule the roost and whilst resources companies are keen to push the better living environment they are often distant to the actual site management of the camps.

Quicksmart Homes were approached last year by a number of resources companies and have been working on a high quality range of worker accommodation. The offer is effectively a hotel grade room with great acoustics, something that is a major factor in close proximity housing, good furnishing design and a bathroom designed for the job.

Lighting is also a major factor in the designs and one of the key ambience providers in the rooms. They are small rooms but just because they are small doesn't mean that they need to be dreadful. The clever technology available to make people's lives more comfortable is now even more affordable and cross over applications of soft controls, colour management and night light tracking all add to the overall benefit of a cleverly designed environment.

Quicksmart Homes have produced high quality living accommodation for workers who can now be assured that whilst they live away from home they don't have to be uncomfortable.