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Backyard container housing...

Hybrid Housing

Container housing in your back yard - or in this case our front yard - courtesy of the reality TV industry is not what we expected a couple of weeks ago. So we kept a close and careful eye on what they were up to on our beautiful sunny patch of Sydney.

Five twenty foot containers arrived and were landed on wooden bites and then left for the weekend. The erection team, after thorough investigation, revealed that the boxes were to be transformed by a group of couples under the careful supervision of professional designers and tradesmen.

Great idea and terrific exposure for container housing.

We shan't spoil it for those of you who enjoy the reality of people doing such things and we won't comment on the results (or show you the ending) but here are some photos...

Backyard Containers

Our only comment.... and the reality shot that will probably get edited out of the show...

Skippy come home?

Just remember - this is a sustainable exercise and factory production reduces waste, time and cost.

What we wanted to do was show the producers what Quicksmart could have put together out of the type and amount of waste materials in the skips (and we counted about 5 - one per house).

Still, eggs and omelettes and from what we could see at our excellent local cafe/eatery the TV industry knows how to spend those advertising dollars.

Building without a budget - still a dream in the real world - but that's entertainment.