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Disaster Housing 2

The natural disaster event toll for 2011 hopefully won't get any bigger with Christchurch and now Japan's seismic activity setting rescue services and government rebuilding programmes monumental tasks.

We discussed disaster housing in previous issues and Quicksmart Homes' unique design for a temp to perm housing solution for Christchurch. Now the subject is getting more air time as Japan announced large modular home building programmes to provide shelter for it's homeless citizens.

Japan is a technologically advanced and well organised place and it's industry and management have long been a marvel in the Western world. What stands itself apart from other countries in this situation is it's planning for the worst.

The day after the earthquake Japan's government announced substantial orders for modular homes to replace housing in the main prefecture. The Japan Prefabricated Construction Suppliers and Manufacturers Association mobilsed the highly automated and productive housing providers around Japan to manufacture and erect the buildings. A total of 33,000 houses have been ordered so far for the three main prefectures affected by the tsunami and quake.

The 14 main housing members of the association had delivered an erected some 200 dwellings in the first prefecture by the end of the second week of deployment and have increased productivity in other factories to increase delivery and erection as quickly as possible. They are now rebuilding at an incredible rate.

Japanese Housing

Organisation and clear planning.

So if the Japanese can do it, why can't the UN or Red Cross?

The Japanese scale of disaster calls for multiple deployment of very simple housing. Standardised product ready for production with agreed pricing and organisation to back up the planning. Japan also has very organised, compliant and determined citizens.

The world wide requirement is for culturally diverse products in varying places with differing logistics. Japan is very different theatre of operation to say Northern Pakistan or the jungles of Borneo.

We wish the Japanese people the best of luck and determination and hope they can recover from the recent disaster and rebuild their towns and villages as quickly as possible.