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Quicksmart's designs for resort buildings surpasses most environmental standards for insulation, water attenuation and in this particular case, camouflage. Having a design that is not only environmentally sustainable but also fitting well into the surroundings was part of the brief for Quicksmart's most recent project design.

Green roof technology hasn't really caught on in Australia but with more efforts being made to save water and collect surface run off the value of green roofs is certainly worth considering. On this particular project is also helped with the large amounts of rainfall that the location has every year and reduces the impact of the surface run off into the local infrastructure.

But green roofs are heavy and most traditional lightweight housing has real issues with supporting this highly sustainable product application. But not Quicksmart Homes.

Quicksmart Homes' structural roof designs suit green roof application without any adaption or additional supports. Quicksmart's modules are designed to withstand the highest wind loadings, including cyclone ratings, and the addition of green roof loadings is well within the capacity of the Quicksmart modules. Quickmart have also designed, mainly for remote worker housing, the facility to collect large volumes of rain water in sub-tanks under the module structure thus remocing the need for cumbersome tanks and additional foundations and slabs.

QSH Eco House 1

Building in a sensitive environment is perfect for Quicksmart's new design for hotels and resorts. Designed to be delivered in a number of configurations the 60sqm units can be joined together, placed apart and joined with a public area or situated on their own.

QSH Eco House 2

This isn't the first eco project Quicksmart have been involved with and Quicksmart's student housing project at the ANU in Canberra was awarded an environmental award. Also, Quicksmart's first modules were very much in the sustainable market place and one of the 'originals' has just been re-erected on a site in the Southern Highlands of NSW. We'll post photos when we've finished them.

Taking the efficiencies of our production runs for hospitals and hotels Quicksmart's housing products benefits from commercial grade finishes at domestic construction pricing.