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Container Housing done properly...

Hybrid Housing

Container housing - properly done.

Sustainable communities and housing is something that Quicksmart Homes has held as their primary mission from the outset of the company. QSH was formed to provide small footprint eco-housing in a fold out format - complete photos of the first one we will post next week when the weather is better - some tasters below...Hpod1

Taking the idea that truly sustainable housing should be light on the landscape QSH designed the modules to highlight the functionality of the building but allowing the practicality of the design to keep our vision clear.


Hpod 2Hpod 3HPOD 4Quicksmart Homes is launching our latest product in a few weeks. If you would like a preview please drop us a line now ( info@quicksmarthomes.com) and we'll send you out some images of what  our team have been up to...