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Quicksmart's Quickshack

Hybrid Housing

Quickshacks and container housing.

Here at Quicksmart we've always tried to keep design excellence and innovation at the forefront of what we do. Being able to lead the sector with new and exciting ways to build quicker, smarter and cheaper than anyone else. The design team here are young, passionate and can tear away at new schemes and projects; but at the end of the day there's only so far you can go with a hospital or a hotel design.

So we've finally bowed to pressure from the team and letting them loose on designing a product that serviced what Quicksmart originally started to do - build high quality modular homes. The Quickshack is the result of that.

Using the relevant cutting edge technology from our mining, hospital and student housing sector designs and production techniques the team have developed an outstanding product. The price point of $100-120,000 also reflects the level of quality that Quicksmart is renowned for as well as offering a great place to live.

Quicksmart will continue to develop the designs as we continue to speak to customers (we're not daft enough to think we'll get it right every time!) and with the first few orders being fulfilled in November we hope to show the world what you can do with a well designed and manufactured container housing design.

Quickshack FrontQuickshack Rear