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Emergency Housing

With all of the tragic events of the past few weeks here in Australia and with earthquakes in Haiti and Christchurch, as well as the raft of displaced people in various parts of the world, we are often called on to help.

People say 'that would be great for disaster housing' or 'you should call the UN and get them to buy your kit for such and such a releif effort'.

In reality, life isn't like that. We always extend the offer of our expertise to the relevant parties at the time of the disaster. We have been in contact with the Queensland Premier's office this week with offers of assistance. But it's not disaster housing that needs our help, it's the rebuilding of the towns and cities where expert help is needed. Disaster zones need the kind of tented accommodation currently being deployed in Condamine, Queensland by the ADF.

Condamine Tent Metropolis

Take Christchurch in New Zealand as an example. Thankfully very few casualities but hundreds of un-inhabitable dwellings, thousands of seriously damaged properties - all in need of re-construction. But that is the point. It's a reconstruction process rather than delivering spangly new cutting edge building technology.

In Christchurch there is a very specific need though. Householders are concerned that as their properties are open to the weather, and possible loss of their personal effects, they want to stay near their house - something that is almost impossible to do if the town doesn't have any serviceable accommodation.

Quicksmart were asked to design a livable unit, based on an high cube 40 foot chassis, that could take at least a 4 person family as a temporary measure to stand on simple foundations on insurance claimants front yards or garden whilst then re-built the original property. The unit is self sufficient in terms of power and has tanks for grey water, and if required, effluent in the sub floor voids. The side folds out or can be linked to another identical module to create an even larger space.



As the infrastructure, such as sewage mains and water supplies have been damaged, the self reliance of the module was critical and through our expertise in remote accommodation, coupled with our designs for compact student living, Quicksmart have designed a stop gap accommodation unit that can be re-used from stock if required and are in negotiations to provide the units on a not for profit basis.

Quicksmart offer their best wishes to everyone effected by the floods in Queensland and shall be there to help in the weeks and months to come.