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Teenage retreats or parent's sanity spaces...

Sprawled across the sofa, again, with “nothing to do” and “nowhere to go”. There’s a mountain of homework on the desk and a floor-drobe in their room that’s been developing over the last few weeks, which you refuse to clear up for the thousandth time. We all know teenagers can be a bit of a challenge, so it’s no wonder more families are investing in separation space, or ‘teenage retreats’ as they are more popularly known.

Not only do they provide a sometimes welcome buffer zone between harmonious living and “Mum, you’re SO ANNOYING!” but teenage retreats offer youths privacy and their own space. Retreats can also work as a great intermediate step for their independence. Pushing your fledgling off the edge can be a little daunting and scary for all involved, but teen-retreats can make the step to independence a weaning process rather than cutting them off cold turkey.

Although these ‘hang-out spaces’ can seem like a pretty substantial expense when most people are still feeling a little sore from the GFC, stats show that teenage retreats may be more worthwhile than you’d think.

Maturing with a child, teenage retreats often transition from teen hangout, to student house, to temporary lodgings for ‘stay-at-home adults’. They can then be leased as second dwellings, changed into that pool house/guest house, or even converted into a granny flat.

A well-designed teenage retreat with flexible use options is a must for best ‘bang for your buck’, with more and more kids staying at home well into their 20s and even 30s. Although we’d like to think that it’s just a simple matter of teaching independence and maintaining a strong stance when it comes to launching kids at a reasonable age, the truth is of course a little harder to swallow. The fact is it’s getting too expensive to move out. Almost 1 in 3 adults have grown-up children between 21 and 40 still living at home, the majority of which attribute this to financial constraints. And while living at home as a grown-up child does have the benefits of fewer responsibilities, more disposable income, and the added convenience of Mum and Dad, the vast majority don’t want to be stuck under their parents, and likewise parents don’t want to be tripping over grown-up kids.

The Quickshack offers a perfect solution to surly teens and stay-at-home adults. The Quickshack is a 2 bed, 1 bath, pre-fab dwelling of the highest quality. With solid timber flooring, quartz bench-tops and top-grade fittings, the Quickshack is a cut above all the port-a-cabin or demountable alternatives flooding the market.

Architecturally designed, the open plan dwelling is light and functionally flexible, making it a top quality site addition, from teenage retreat, to guest house, to granny flat or studio.

The Quickshack arrives on a truck, fully finished, needing only to be plugged-in to onsite connections – in less than a day from arrival you could have 50sqm of high-spec additional living space, ready to move into.

And with the first batch of Quickshacks already sold, the Sydney display open days are well worth a look.

Blog written by Jessica

The Humble Granny Flat

The humble granny flat takes a running jump into contemporary ideology.

We are heading an era of immediate gratification and convenience; it’s a world where we have the infinite wisdom of the internet in our pockets, and anything we want is only 3 clicks away. Everything is newer, better, faster.

So why is the construction industry so far behind? Why are new technologies shied away from? Why do we still use slow and imprecise methods? And why are delays and budget blow-outs standard?

Pre-fab or offsite construction is pioneering ways to solve these problems with Quicksmart Homes being a world leader.

And yes, pre-fab conjures disturbing images of flimsy port-a-cabins and shoddy demountables, but the reality is offsite construction, and specifically modular buildings, can be high quality and beautifully finished. Demand for all things better and faster has driven this marked shift in offsite construction, and not to be left behind, the granny flat has jumped on board.

While it is true that the granny flat is nothing new to Australia, it is rapidly re-inventing itself from a dodgy garage conversion to a high-specification luxury dwelling. This long overdue image change has the popularity of the granny flat exploding across the housing sector.

Driven by a housing shortage and a market that is becoming increasingly difficult to break into, these not-so-humble additions are the most popular new commodity. With adult children leaving home later and later, and tri-generational living becoming ever more prevalent, the granny flat option provides affordable and much needed breathing space on existing properties and blocks.

Also contributing to the recent popularity of granny flats is the potential investment returns, a fact that almost 70% of granny flat buyers have not failed to notice. Adding habitable space, or a separate dwelling to sub-let can dramatically increase the value of a property.

Additionally local governments here in Australia have special planning designations that allow home owners to avoid protracted and lengthy applications. Through compliant development rules and regulations it is possible to speed up consents. They vary from state to state and council to council but it makes building a granny flat easier and quicker than ever before.

Leading the pre-fab market in luxury granny flats is the Quickshack: a 2 bed, 1 bath dwelling with solid timber flooring throughout and quartz stone bench tops. The Quickshack brings a chic and contemporary dimension to the once humble granny flat.

Architecturally designed to offer the best use of space, the open plan dwelling is light and functionally flexible, making it a top quality site addition, from granny flat, to first home, to teenage retreat or studio.

It arrives on a truck, fully finished, needing only to be plugged in to onsite connections – in less than a day from arrival you could have a 50 square metre high-spec granny flat, ready to move into.

 Construction just got convenient.

 And with the first batch of Quickshacks selling fast, the December open days are one for the calendar.

Go www.quickshack.com.au or www.quicksmarthomes.com for more information.


Blog posted by Jessica