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Senior Living

Hybrid Housing

Independent living units (ILU's), senior living, sheltered housing - what ever you like to call it there is an ever increasing demand for accommodation in Australia and around the world. Australia's aging population needs somewhere to live and a big gap is opening between demand and supply.

Quicksmart believes that just because you're downsizing out of the family home to more appropriate surroundings doesn't mean you have to compromise on design or quality.

We've been working with a number of providers, the guys who develop, build and operate villages, to improve the quality of the products that are available.

Quicksmart Homes provides high dependency aged care rooms, hybrids and stand alone 2 bed units based on our Quickshacks. Aged care providers in all areas of the care spectrum come to us to deliver high quality complex space very quickly.

Quicksmart's ILU designs incorporate our hybrid technology to allow multiple house layouts around a standardised core module. Quicksmart are also raising the bar on thermal and acoustic performance by providing the modules with very high specification windows and insulation.

In a market driven by cost the Quicksmart ILU's offer a highly superior product which lifts the specification of the whole building to offer residents a better place to live. We also offer savings over multiple projects along with security of supply and a fully supported product range.

We're putting together a specification pack now for the various designs and options so if you are interested in learning more about how we can help improve the living space for the elderly then drop us a line (click here) and we'll send you the information.