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The Benefits of Modular Housing

Hybrid Housing

What benefits does our hybrid modular product offer the house builder at large?

Modular (not panels or prefab but volumetric modules - where the whole thing is delivered as one completed part) can be justified in a number of ways.

There can be a major cost benefit but in providing that saving there is often an offset for product inclusions to keep the price down. Quicksmart products are cheaper without discounting quality or fittings - it's not what you do it's how you do it.

Hybrid House2Hybrid House 3

It is undoubtedly faster.

In commercial applications like private health and hotels, where Quicksmart Homes delivers a lot of products, modular offers a big time saving. 6 months additional revenue on a 100 room hotel is certainly a major bump for an operator's bottom line.

Modular offers a potential for a more consistent quality by being built in a factory environment.

But go back to the question. Builders worry about two things - money and cash (and we're being serious - just bear with us on this...)

Money is the bottom line and cash is working capital. A lot of smaller builders, and franchisees of large home builders, are constrained by when they get paid and how much they can stretch the cash in between.

Quicksmart's hybrids save time and save money - about AUD$20,000 on a standard 200-250sqm house. With our innovative payment terms we can also help the builder with his cash flow. So that makes house builders happy.

If you want to know more about how we can help or you want to visit our Sydney hybrid display then click here and send us a form.