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In the week our Quickshacks featured in the Fitness First magazine we had a pretty healthy week all around.

Quicksmart Homes presented to a panel of health analysts at one of the largest global investment banks to discuss innovations that could prime more health sector growth.

As Australia's only provider of scale premium modular health care accommodation we presented our high specification multi-storey solution which we have successfully delivered to private health operators in Australia.

The response was unprecedented from the panel.

With bed space becoming a major growth inhibitor in Australia investors are very concerned with construction industry capacity to fullfil the shortfall at a reasonable and consistent cost in the health sector.

We were questioned at length with the underlying themes being timescale, design flexibility for brown field sites and cost inflation, all substantially solved with modular construction.

If health investors have seen the need for modular then we have a busy time ahead.

If you would like us to come and present to your team or group then drop us a line.

Some architects have said that our presentation has enough relevance and content to qualify for CPD so have think about that (and check it's applicable for you). 

We're based in Sydney, spend a lot of time in Brisbane and visit NZ and Perth frequently so we're happy to travel!

We're in NZ in mid-August so if there is enough interest we can set up a seminar or two.