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Quicksmart Homes has been in and out of New Zealand for many years but this year there has been a real uptick in enthusiasm and this is being bolstered by sustainable economic growth.

New Zealand is predicting that it’s construction GDP is going to double, as a conservative estimate, in the next two to three years.

We think their GDP estimate is way wide of the mark – they need to treble it.

Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch are bursting with opportunities, banks and institutions are lending again (or appearing to) and demand trends are climbing fast to match.

Talk to contractors in any of those cities, and house builders further down the South Island or in the outer areas and their biggest concern is resources.

In Christchurch the concern is not having enough accommodation to house the workers. In Auckland there are already skills shortages and Wellington they talk about both issues and the associated cost escalations.

But New Zealand has an advantage over the rest of the world. They believe in change and they believe that construction should lead the world in the application of new technology.

Imagine presenting a 14 storey modular building in one of the world’s top earthquake zones?

What did the local council want? They wanted to help. They want to make it work and be a success.

How refreshing. No over pricing a new technology, no designing out efficiencies and no burying ideas to offload responsibility. No xenophobia, no protectionism, no self interest – just the greater goal.

New Zealand sees modular, prefabrication and modern methods of construction as one major way out of a resources pinch and like their success in sport they push forward towards the same goal – as a team.


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