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Quicksmart Homes delivers housing and apartments 20% cheaper than conventional - and it's much, much faster as well...

Quicksmart Homes are not constrained by ISO container dimensions having delivered modules well over 3.5 metres wide and over 15 metres in length.

You can save 50% or more on construction time, 20-30% on overall construction costs and our factory produced modules are of unparalleled quality of both finish and fittings.

Quicksmart Homes have been commissioned to build an 18 storey apartment building in NSW providing over 250 high specification apartments including balconies.

Our senior living team are building a group of villas in Southern Queensland where the total end cost of construction is consistently below $1,100 per sqm. The ILU’s are 140sqm and are cheaper to build new than refurbishing the old stock on the site! The price also includes over 40sqm of additional external decks and a full garage.

We have a display in Lane Cove, Sydney which has one each of our hotel, hospital, shower pods and a Quickshack. Drop us a line and we’ll show you around.



ph: 02 8920 9007

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