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Quickshack and investment returns...

We could all use a little more cash in our pockets, but how are you meant to get there with more and more drains on income and the endless cycle of birthdays, holidays, and back-to-school… then the fridge breaks. There is always something.

A granny flat could put over $25,000 a year straight into your pocket.

Since the relaxation of legislation surrounding second dwellings in 2009, it has never been easier to build a granny flat. Approvals can take as little as 10 days and council regulations in NSW are now allowing them to be built in all residential areas. The new rules are making getting a granny flat easier and faster to help ease the shortage in affordable housing.

Savvy investors are jumping on board with the granny flat as a tried and tested way to boost income as a second rental property. With more being built every year and an asymptotic rise in product interest, the granny flat is fast becoming the current must-have.

Shaking off its old stigma of dodgy conversion or cheap, shoddy afterthought, the granny flat is reinventing itself with all the gusto of our contemporary lifestyle. It has become fast-paced, design conscious, and environmentally responsible; it’s a trendy new commodity.

We are seeing more and more architects, builders and investors getting behind the granny flat, and they are unanimous in saying that functional flexibility is key. The best designs, and those which will prove most productive for you, are designed to be used as broadly as possible, adapting as your family needs change. What may start as a rental property, may then become your family’s teenage retreat, or the ‘student digs’, and then flip back to a rental property, and eventually even a granny flat. The best granny flats adapt easily for changes in circumstance and use.

As clients come to realize the full potential of these additions, luxury granny flats are now establishing themselves firmly in the market. Families are spending additional time and money on their investments to achieve a higher quality and the potential for higher financial returns. Alternatively, the investment in quality makes for a more satisfying living space when the granny flat is used as an extension of the family home.

No longer are they hastily erected to house a Nan, and little better than demountables, but instead are top quality, high return commodities. The granny flat is now being used, not only to bring grandparents closer, but as a home office/studio, teen retreat, and added space for the population’s massive growth in stay-at-home adult children. Granny flats are  a great way to give you an affordable option for more space, without the upheaval of selling up and moving.

However, the most attractive prospect of the granny flat is its potential as a second rental property – an aspect which around 70% of granny flat buyers are taking full advantage of. But why are granny flats so popular with investors? Because they make money. With granny flats usually costing between $100K-$170K, and fetching anything up to $490pw in rent, your investment could be paid back in less than 4 years.

It’s no secret that affordable housing is scarce and the market is becoming harder to break into, but granny flats are helping to ease this. They provide affordable rental options for couples of all ages and the fastest growing sector in the market: singles. Granny flats are being snapped up as rentals because they provide cheaper rents in more expensive areas, and simple pleasures like having access to a garden. It is a much more attractive alternative for renters to a studio apartment in a cramped high-rise apartment building.

So which is the best way to go about getting the best bang for your buck for a rental property? Quality is an absolute must, but speed is also a key factor. As anyone who has built before will know: timeframes and budgets always blow-out. Rarely is a building ever as cheap, fast or simple as you first think. However, there is a way around this: ‘going modular’. And yes, modular can conjure some horrible images of design compromises and boxy Lego-look houses, but the truth of the matter is: modular has advanced in leaps and bounds, achieving the same design standards and aesthetics as traditional builds.

By going modular, the speed of construction is taken to the next level. The Quickshack (by Quicksmart Homes) is a 2 bedroom, one bathroom granny flat, which can be delivered, installed, and ready to move into in a matter of hours. Which means that every week that you would spend building (and having the headache of construction and tradies churning up the garden) is now a week where potential rent is coming in, straight into your pocket.

Another great advantage of choosing a modular design over a site built alternative, is the certainty of the product. You know exactly what you are going to get, and you know exactly how much it is going to cost. It also means you don’t have to organize multiple trades and materials on your site – instead the module arrives onsite, needing only to be bolted onto footings; there is no construction or assembly required. The Quickshack makes getting your new granny flat easier and faster than ever.

While a granny flat can be a brilliant investment opportunity, if circumstances change and you end up moving, you would have to leave your investment behind. The Quickshack, however, is designed so it can be picked up and moved, with as little site disturbance as possible. You can even put the Quickshack on the back of a truck and take it with you to another property.

The Quickshack is a high quality, modular granny flat. It arrives on a truck and can be ready to move into in a matter of hours from delivery. With two bedrooms and a top of the range bathroom, the Quickshack provides 50sqm of architecturally designed, open plan living.

With only the highest quality in fittings and finishes, including designer tapware, solid timber flooring throughout, stone benchtops, and full height windows to top spec European standards, the Quickshack provides some of the best value in the market.

It is a quality assured product at a fixed price of $85,000 (including GST).

And with open viewings of the Sydney display every month, and high demand driving future displays in more locations coming soon, the Quickshack is well worth a look.

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