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We know that not being flexible can have it's advantages. Quicksmart Homes produce a number of different products to fit different application.

There are benefits in most projects over most sectors for prefabrication and modular products from full free standing multi-storey buildings through to shower pods that are installed into an existing building.

Quicksmart Homes also apply their production techniques to housing products for sale into the commercial development market that allow the benefits of high quality, compliant and durable modular application to be enjoyed in project homes and dwellings.

Quicksmart Homes' products save money, are of unmatched quality and are much faster than traditional construction. What more could you want?

With Quicksmart Homes' range of products there is now a much wider range of applications and sectors that we can help.

Reducing on site works minimises mess, waste and time - and all those add up to savings in project cost.

Modules - what we call our super sized units that normally have two hotel, hospital or student housing ensuite bedrooms inside linked by an integrated corridor. They are wider and long but can save huge amounts of time on site by allowing the delivery of almost entirely complete rooms snf bathrooms. They also provide instant access via the integrated corridor where the onsite works takes over to complete the building with services, roofing and cladding.


Hybrids - Quicksmart Homes' newest offering into the large scale housing market. Using a standard road width chassis the hybrid provide the basis for multiple home designs whilst saving a substantial amount of cost through easy installation, provision of the highest quality finishes which in comparable terms would be out of reach of most customers.


Quickshacks - Based on our super sized module chassis the Quickshack allows for Quicksmart Homes to provide customers with a stand alone, technically, demoutable product that is ready to use straight off the back of the truck. The Quickshack is built to same exacting standards as all Quicksmart's modules and leverages the high quality fixtures and finishes used in other sectors to provide a great value living space in a contemporary and modern small footprint building.


Pods - The work in a bathroom and a kitchen is very intense and it's always been a benefit to try and increase the amount of work that can be delivered to site in one element. Quicksmart Homes now provide student housing shower pods and kitchens, wet room kitchen pods, kitchen only pods as well as plant and machinery pods for large scale projects. Using the production volumes in the main product range Quicksmart Homes are able to deliver and install very good value pods.


Quicksmart Homes provides modular products to projects that can incorporate client specification and design requirements for site specific layouts. Each project is engineered and manufactured to order using the Quicksmart Homes' production system.

Quicksmart Sustainability

  • Totally re-usable
  • Reduced material miles
  • Managed waste and material use

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