Modules save time, cost and increase quality.

Large format - wider and longer than a standard truck chassis - provide high volumetric space for any application. They are fully finished when they arrive with the rooms and bathrooms (or whatever is inside) all complete and ready to use.

Hotels, hospitals, aged care, student housing or accommodation of any sort - they all benefit from the use of modules.

Product Overview

Quicksmart Homes' large modules provide customers with large scale deliveries where speed, cost and often access make traditional construction uneconomic or even impossible.


Quicksmart Homes builds all the modules ourselves. We provide certification, warranties and help the install contractors or builders through the process from initial design through to handover and occupation. We coordinate services, inspect, certifiy and document and provide all required information to the client, the contractor or cerfication authority.

Features include;

  • client specification where required
  • Australian standard plumbing, electrics and mechanical
  • certified installations under warranty
  • 10 year warranty for Australian standard and branded membranes
  • 10 year warranty on wall and floor tiles where specified
  • exceeds current acoustic and thermal performance when coupled with a complimentary building design
  • high tensile corten steel chassis coated to exceed Australian standards for structural steel
  • fully fired rated if required by design
  • fully integrated sprinklers if required


If you have a project that is repeatitious, has common layouts or you have a serious time constraint to contend with then drop us a line.

We have designs and budgets for most applications and we will be able to provide a full design build delivery budget in conjunction with one of our major contractor partners.

Remember that our process relies on scale so the more rooms you have the better value it gets. Having said that, every project has it's own sticking points so we might be able to help either way.

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