Small format commercial pods for accommodation, aged care and medical facilities

Quicksmart Homes off the same high quality specifications and flexibility that we provide in our large modules as indiviual pods.

Hospital bathrooms that can be lifted into place, student shower pods that can be rolled into an existing building or floorless  kitchen/bathrooms that can be forklifted into position - the combinations are endless.

Product Overview

Quicksmart Homes' pods are designed on a project by project basis. We design the pods to suit the building, the delivery and the client specifications.


Clients don't have to compromise to meet the requirements of a standard design. By using the scale operations of Quicksmart Homes' other work with large modules it is possible to produce almost bespoke pods, at a suitable volume, to suit the job at hand.

Quicksmart pods include;

  • fully compliant plumbing and drainage
  • fully compliant fixtures and fittings
  • client specified content where required
  • 10 year warranties on membranes and tiles
  • full installation service
  • full maintenance contracts
  • total responsibility for all design, production and product warranties


As each project is built to order we can't tell you the prices but if you have a design you'd like us to look at then the rules below would need to be applied;

  • More than 100 units
  • Similar or replicating layouts
  • Commercial specification
  • Clear access on a floor by floor basis

We have enough experience in the market to know that what we provide is not only better and more consistant quality than traditional build but it's generally more than 20% cheaper. It also reduces disruption, waste on site and material deliveries in general.

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